"The Landlords Daughter"

By Jim

True Story

I wanted to share an experience with your readers about something that happened just a few hours ago.
The people that I rent from live about two miles down the street.
I always go over there to drop off any mail that came for them or to give them the rent.
They have a sixteen year old daughter named Jilian.
She is a beautiful young lady and very smart too.
I had always seen her over there when I dropped off things and she almost always bare foot.
I always tried to look at her bare feet, but I didn't want to get caught by her parents.
So just a little while ago I went by to drop off some bills they had received in our mail box.
I parked out in front of the house and was going to slip the mail under the door when I see a single naked foot on top of the sofa.
They have a large bay window next to the front door.
I stood there looking at it for a second before I knocked on the door.
Jilian anwsered the door wearing a t-shirt and nylon running pants.
She had been lying on the sofa reading a book when I arrived.
Standing outside the door I handed her the mail and she said "OK I'll give it to my parents" and was about to close the door.
I asked her if I could come inside for a second and get a drink.
She let me in and poured me a Coke.
She came back into the living room and told me to have a seat.
I sat in a chair near hers to look at her perfect bare feet.
She put her feet up on the coffee table between us and started talking.
My mouth went dry as I had a perfect view of her soles in front of me.
I made good conversation and we talked for a while.
Now Jilian loves to dance ballet, so I asked her about some dances she had been in.
When she finished telling me I told her she didn't have the feet of a dancer.
We both looked at her feet that were less than a two feet away from me.
She really doesn't her little toes are perfectly shaped.
I reached over and took one of her little size 6's in my hand and told her I dated a girl who was a dancer once and her toes were all messed up.
I pressed her toes down to show her what those toes looked like.
She realy didn't seem to mind me touching her feet at all. 
I won't say she loved it, but it didn't bother her. 
I quickly asked her if she had hear of reflexology.
Jilian said she hadn't so I took her other foot in my other hand and started to explian it as I pressed my thumbs into parts of her soles. 
At this point we were sitting in different chairs. 
I suggested that we move to the sofa so I could show her better. 
I love young (legal) girls because they are so innocent as to my real intentions. 
We sat on opposite ends of the sofa and she put her awesome feet back in my lap. 
I quit with the reflexology stuff and just started massaging her soles and toes. 
I am a sole lover so as we talked about her school and plans for college in a couple of years I kept my glare on her young tender soles. 
My erection was about to blow out of my pants so I had to keep an arm on it to keep her from seeing it. 
I placed her ankles together and held them there with one hand as the other hand carressed her soles. 
All during the massage I kept the converstaion going and telling jokes to make her laugh. 
I wanted this massage to seem totally natural and not let her know what it was doing to me. 
I think if she knew she would have made me leave and told her parents, bad idea. 
I kept looking at her and at her feet. 
She acted like what I was doing was totally natural and was talking up a storm about ehr boyfriend being too strict with her. 
Her mouth was going amile a minute. 
I pretended to be interested but I had to keep looking at those soles. 
I kneeded the balls of her feet with my fingers and ran the tips of my fingers up and down her soles and between her toes. 
Twenty minutes passed by and I had to play it off. 
"Oh I was going to show you about reflexology." 
Jilian said Its OK I was just enjoying the foot massage! It is not every day I get a foot rub!" "Well in that case give me those feet back!" I joked, and she did! 
Jilian extended her little feet right back into my lap and continued talking again. 
Another twenty minutes had passed and I was still rubbing those tender soles. 
Now I was really worked up and almost ready to come from the kinkiness of the whole situation. 
My mind was telling me "Give those toes a kiss, she'll like it!" Then I knew it was time to go before I got into trouble, which I would have. 
Jilian wasn't ready for that and I knew it. 
I wanted so bad just to raise a foot to my mouth and lick her little soft soles from the heel to the toe. 
My cock was dripping pre cum and if I didn't stop so I would get into trouble. 
I tapped her feet to signal I was finished.
Jilian pulled her feet away and said jokingly "Your not finished are you?" I wanted to say NO and bury my face in her soles and go to town on them. 
I told her she could have a foot massage anytime she wanted. 
Jilian siad "Watch out because I'll take you up on it!" "Anytime" was my reply. 
I drove away from her house in total disbelief of what had just happened. 
I will massage those feet again! Next time I want to catch her when she has been wearing shoes all day. 
I brought her foot close enough to smell and it didn't not at all. 
I wished her feet would had been fresh out of shoes because I love the moist feeling feet have when they first come out of shoes and socks. 
If Jilian's feet had smelled of fresh young foot sweat it would have sent me over the edge and I would have pushed my nose between her toes or something. 
If anything else happens I will be sure to let the readers know about it. 
Anyone who liked the story is welcomed to write with questions about her feet. 
Or to share similar true foot stories. 
I welcome all mail and would love to anwser questions abut Jilian my new foot queen! 

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