Teacher Foot Worship

By gandalfisauberwizard@yahoo.com

Hello this is my 2nd Foot Worship story. To keep yourself from getting confused please read How I 
Became Her Slave. This happened at school and I was very shocked who, what, when, this 
happened. Also in the story I am 19, and the teacher is 32.

As you know I serve my sister who became my mistress in my last story. I was 18 at the time and I 
was still in high school. I just started to be true. Now being a slave and all is ok but my mistress 
allowed me to joing one club. So I found a club at the high school to sign up for. It was the drama 
club. Now our high-school is tiny with only about 300 kids so when I signed up for drama a big 
suprise was coming my way.

When I went into the drama room no one was there. I looked around and I saw someone there 
crying. I walked up to her and asked, "What's wrong mis?" She looked up and said, "Well I was 
crying because no one signed up for drama." "Well I did" I looked at her and gave her a brief smile. 
"Well with only one person in drama I can we can get to know each other a little better." She 
smiled. "Sure," I said. 

As we talked I kept looking down and her pumps with her nyloned feet. The Drama Teacher (I will 
protect her name). She is about 6ft 2in. Stern figure and size 6 feet. I could fit her whole foot in my 
mouth. Since it was 2pm I wouldn't have to go until 5pm because the teacher expected a lot of 
people and she wanted to talk to us. Well after me and the teacher talked for a while she said she 
was tired because she had been walking all day preparing for the class. I commented on how her 
nylons looked good with her shoes. "Thank you, these are knew" She said happily.

"I understand that you must be tired, I mean you made this room look so alive." I responded. "Thank 
you I can't wait to get home at 5:30 so I can relax." She exclaimed. Now it was 3pm right now so I 
still had 2 hours left. my mistress knew about this so she arranged my services to her to fit both our 
needs. So I asked my teacher, "Could I give you a foot massage, maybe that will put your mind off 
your troubles for now?" "That would be excellent." I pick up her right leg and took off her high heel. I 
started massaging her feet the real way someone would and after about 15 minutes I took her other 
foot and massaged that one also. "Oh my gosh that feels sooooo good" My teacher commented. 
"I'm glad I could help." It was now 4pm. I still had another hour to go.

The next thing my teacher said suprised me to the max. "My feet probably smell down there I am 
sooo sorry." she said. "No they don't they smell just fine." I tried to assure her. "If they don't smell 
then put both of my feet on your face and take a deep breath." I picked up her nyloned feet and put 
them on my face and they smelt awesome. I got a boner from smelling her feet and then my 
teacher said, "Well then if you like the smell that much I'll take off my nylons." I got even more 
excited. Once she took off her nylons I grabbed her feet and smelled them like there was no 
tomorrow. I got every part to. The sole, the heel, even between the toes, and the toes. I was having 
the best time ever smelling feet like these. Her feet was as good as my mistress's feet.

When it was 5pm I stopped smelling her feet and she said, "I'll see you next class." She gave me a 
little wink when she said that. So knowing I would get to sniff and hopefully lick her feet next time, I 
collected my belongings and then headed home where I could continue to serve my mistress.


to comment on my story email me at gandalfisauberwizard@yahoo.com

you can also add me to messenger to chat about foot fetish experiences. I am more than happy to 
share some.

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